Dynamic Content SSL Settings

Dynamic Content, SSL & HTTPS

Service2Client sent out the "What? Not Secure?" notice (copied below) a few months ago. The communication was concerning a new Google mandate for websites with any kind of login box. Google is suggesting aka requiring that these sites have an SSL Certificate and an https connection. Google is also reporting that compliance will give a small boost to your Google listings.

For all Dynamic Content clients, if or when you switch your website to https, you will also need to update the Dynamic Content links used in iframes in your site to https. If you update to https and the Dynamic Content pages are blank, this is the reason.

Fixing it is easy, all you have to do is add an "s" at the end of "http" for all the links used in iframes.




**If you plan to switch your site to https, please forward this email to your IT representative.

Some websites may need additional updates on our side. If you still see a blank page after applying the above fix, get help Submit a Ticket.

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