ICFiles Express - How to Use "Auto Upload" feature

What Is Auto Upload?

Auto Upload is recommended for intermediate to advanced Windows and ICFiles users.

Auto Upload creates a special folder that matches your selected ICFiles Express folder. When you place files into the local Auto Upload folder, ICFiles Express will automatically upload them into the matching ICFiles.com location.

** Auto Upload will not work if you “Exit ICFiles Express” or “Exit and Sign Out”. Note that clicking on “Close” does not exit ICFiles Express, it is still running but hidden from view.

** When printing Adobe PDF files, remember to close Adobe after you print or your file won’t upload because it is still open in Adobe.

** Please note that Windows moves files when dragging and dropping. If you are not familiar with drag and drop rules, we recommended that you turn on Auto Archive.

Click the button to Turn on Auto Upload.

Notice there is an icon indicating that Auto Upload is now enabled and working. This icon will also show in the main ICFiles Express window to indicate that Auto Upload is enabled for a selected client.

Select the checkbox to have ICFiles.com send an email notice after files have successfully uploaded.

What Is Auto Delete?

If you want your Auto Upload files to automatically delete from ICFiles.com, you can set that here. Auto delete is the same as it is in ICFiles.com, except you can't pick a specific date. Since you can upload 100s of files at once, the auto-delete feature has been grouped into four categories:

Never delete - you need to login to ICFiles.com and delete the files there
30 days after upload
60 days after upload
90 days after upload

What is Local Archive?

ICFiles Express saves a copy of all the files that are auto uploaded and then gives you the option to delete the archived files automatically. This is a safeguard against accidentally moving files instead of copying files to the special Auto Upload folder.

Archive delete options include:

Never delete - will leave a copy in archive until you delete it manually
1 day after archive
7 days after archive
30 days after archive
60 days after archive
90 days after archive
6 months after archive
12 months after archive

** Note that if you move files instead of copying them to an Auto Upload folder and set an ICFiles.com auto delete date when the auto delete occurs - your original document will be deleted from ICFiles.com unless you saved it elsewhere or you contact the document owner to get a copy. If the owner of the document never downloaded the document in question, then that document will be gone from ICFiles.com and ICFiles Express.

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.