Browser - How to Set a Default Download Location in your Browser

Chrom/ Firefox / IE 8,9,10 / Opera / Safari

Open Chrome and click on the top right icon for the dropdown menu. 

Select 'Settings' 

Scroll down and click on 'Show Advanced Settings'

Scroll down and find the 'Downlaods' Section. You can change the location here.


Chrome / Firefox / IE 8,9,10 / Opera / Safari 

Open Firefox and Right-Click on the top bar to show your 'Menu bar'

Click 'Options'
Under the 'General' Tab, you can choose your location beneath the 'Downloads' Section


Chrome / Firefox / IE 8,9,10 / Opera / Safari 

Internet Explorer 8 DEFAULT LOCATION - 'Downloads' or 'Pictures'
Internet Explorer 9, 10
Open IE and click on the gear in the top right corner, then select 'View Downloads'
You can now change the default location.
Chrome / Firefox / IE 8,9,10 / Opera / Safari  
Open Opera and click the 'Opera' icon in the top left corner.  Select 'Settings'.
Scroll down to find where to change your download location.
Chrome / Firefox / IE 8,9,10 / Opera / Safari  
Open Safari and click the gear in the top right corner.  Select 'Preferences'.
Under the 'General' tab, you can find where to save downloaded files.
Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.