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Your client ordered newsletter and resource links from Service2Client for use on their website.

Below are the RSS feed link and the iframe ready links for the Summit Companies website. The instructions for incorporating the links so that no internal scroll bars are visible are included below.  If you need any help with this, please let me know. If you need any changes made to these pages, please let me know. Updates may need to be made to match a new site design.

RSS Article Feed: https://www.dynamicontent.net/s2cdcrss.php?rsskey=unique  

News and Resources Masonry layout: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/dcgrid.php?key=unique

Newsletter: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/main.php?key=unique

Tax Calendar: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/dates.php?key=unique

Financial Calculators (list layout): https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/calcs.php?key=unique

Financial Calculators (masonry layout): https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/calcs_m.php?key=unique

Tax Links: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/statetax.php?key=unique

Financial Terms Glossary: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/glossary.php?key=unique

Track your Refund: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/refundstat.php?key=unique

Cartoon of the Month: https://www.dynamicontent.net/dcv2/cartoon.php?key=unique

*Note:  These pages must be implemented with the use of the links provided by Service2Client.  The content of these pages is dynamically generated and updated regularly.  Viewing source and pasting content into your site will result in the loss of the dynamic nature of the pages and broken links within the pages.


  1. use the "iframe" and "script" tags below - replace URL with the appropriate Service2Client page you are embedding into the page (the height can be anything since the resizing script will change the value dynamically). I have a "callback" function for if an article link is clicked so the page will scroll back up to the top of the iframe. If you do not want to have this behavior, you can edit the "callback function" in the script given below.

 <iframe id="s2ccontentframe" frameborder="0" height="600" width="100%"

src="URL"  allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no"></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"


<script type="text/javascript">

( function( $ ) {

                if ( $( "#s2ccontentframe" ).length ) {


                                                log                    : false,  // For development

                                                contentWindowBodyMargin: 0,     // Set the default

browser body margin style (in px)

                                                doHeight               : true,  // Calculates

dynamic height

                                                doWidth                : false, // Calculates

dynamic width

                                                interval               : 50,    // interval in ms to

recalculate body height, 0 to disable refreshing

                                                enablePublicMethods    : true,  // Enable methods

within iframe hosted page

                                                autoResize             : true,  // Triggering resize

on events in iFrame

                                                callback               : function(messageData){ //

Callback fn when message is received

                                                                                var frame_src =



> 0) || (frame_src.indexOf("archives.php") > 0))

                                                                                                $('html, body').animate({

scrollTop: $("#s2ccontentframe").offset().top - 150},800);





} )( jQuery );



If you have a content managed site (like WordPress), please make sure that the iframe resizing script is whitelisted in any security plugins you might be using. You may also download the resizing script and use your local copy in your site. 

If your site does not include jquery, a link to jquery will be required above the code shown in step 1.





That's all!

The articles that come with Dynamic Content are protected by Federal Copy Right law.  Subscribers of Dynamic Content, CPA Email Newsletter, CPASS Email Manager may publish Service2Client's articles in a monthly printed newsletter to their client's given the publication is less than 2500 prints a month.  Our Clients are not to resell the articles in Dynamic Content in whole or in part.  Service2Client licenses the use rights to the photographs/graphics in the articles but does not pass these rights on to our clients.  Do not re-use the photographs/graphics in Dynamic Content.

Service2Client owns the license rights to the "Cartoon of the Month", but does not pass this right on to our clients.  Do not re-use or resell the "Cartoon of the Month".

BLOGS: Service2Client prohibits the use of our articles in Blogs.  Do not copy and paste our articles into a WordPress or like Blog without first getting our permission and paying the license fee.

BLOG License:  Service2Client may give use rights of our content in Blogs during the time period that the client has a paid subscription to Dynamic Content, CPA Email Newsletter, or CPASS, Email Manager. Upon cancellation of our services all Copy Written material must be removed from the end users BLOG archive.

Copyright: Service2Client LLC content is protected by federal copyright law.

Photocopying or reproducing this content in any form other than for personal use by Subscriber is strictly prohibited. If you want to use some of this content, contact Service2Client LLC first.

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.