eSign - How to Prepare a Document for signing on a Mobile Device

How to Prepare a Document for signing on a Mobile Device

1. Closing the "File System" window on the left in will give you more room.
2. Select your document and click the eSign icon. 
3. Check the box and click START.
4. The eSign wizard with open.
5. First, add Recipients. A recipient can be a signer or someone you would like to get the document or confirm they received it.

6. The Add Recipient box will list fields you can fill out, and these fields will be available to add to the document.

7. Add Authentication. You can use the Signer email address, text a one time code to the signer's cell phone, or ask them questions only they would know.


8. Advanced Options. You can add a message or instructions that will be added to the email notice to the signer. You can add an option to change the signer by the signer, and you can authorize eSign to send the signer a copy via email (not recommend) 

9. Once the signer is complete, you will see them listed in the left Navigation panel.
10. Click on the Signer Name.
11. Click on a field to add to the document, in this case, the signature block. Once the signature block is added, you will notice that you have more fields you can add to the document.

12. John Smith's Name, Signature, and Sign Date have been added to this document. These signing blocks can be resized and moved. They can be placed on the document by clicking the icon or dragging and dropping. 

13. A Text Field has been added to the SSN field. When adding fields like this, they have to be predefined before the "Send To Sign" button is clicked. 

14. If you hover your cursor over any signing block, you will see and Edit Gear appears. You can customize the signing blocks with this Gear Icon. 

15. You are ready to send your document to the signer. After clicking "Send to Sign," you can Exit the wizard.

16. Your signer will get an email notification with a link.

15. When they click "Go to Document," the first page they will see is an eSignLive Consent form. They have to "Accept" the consent, or the esignpackage will cancel. There is no refund for this, so make sure your signer is familiar with eSign. 

16. After signing, the signer can download the documents or get the documents from Signers can be ICFiles Users or non-Users.

17. When all signers have signed, both the sender and the signers will get email notifications that the esignpackage is complete.

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.