Update your Credit Card & Subscription

How to Update your Credit Card & Subscription

If you received a notice that “Your recurring subscription status has been suspended due to payment failure”. This means you need to follow the instruction in the email and login and update your Credit Card information.

It’s easy, first Get Logged In using the instructions in the email notice.

  1. Go to My Payment Data, edit your card or delete it if you have a new card. Then enter your new card information. Click Save.



  1. Go to My Subscriptions, and update your new Credit Card for all your "Active" Subscriptions. Do this by Clicking on the “Payment Reference ID”, then Click “Modify Recurring Profile”. Select the new card, in some cased the new card will already be selected. Then click “Continue”. This will save your new card to your Subscription.

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.