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Website Advice for Your 'About Us' Page

Except for your home page, About Us

is probably the most popular page on your website. Potential customers will come here to find out if they want to do business with you. With that in mind, putting your best efforts into writing this section is important. Sound obvious? If you think so, look at some of your competitors' efforts. Most likely, their websites will feature a mix of industry jargon, clichés, and claims of superiority – hardly compelling invitations to prospective clients. If you want to outshine your competition, here are a few tips:

  • DO address the four Ws – who, what, where, and why. Tell them:
  1. who the business owner and key team members are;

  2. what your business is about and what services/products you offer;

  3. where the company is located and all contact information;

  4. why the visitor to your website needs your services/products.

  • DO keep it short, to the point, and relevant. You can provide links to detailed sales/product information, company bios, and press releases, but the About Us section has to be an easy, fast read.
  • DO focus on customers' needs and how your business addresses those needs rather than proclaiming your prowess. Let your readers know upfront about what you can do for them. It might help to consider what questions you get from prospective customers and write your text with this in mind.
  • DO go easy on the superlatives – excellent, cutting edge, well-respected, etc. This type of praise is best bestowed by a third party, perhaps in a testimonial or in an article linked to the webpage.
  • DO be honest about who you are. If you're a start-up, say so. Explain why this brings advantages to your customers (e.g., more personal attention from experienced staffers, lower overheads, etc.)
  • DO let visitors know who is behind the business. Let people know the story behind the company's launch, and don't be afraid to allow some personality to shine through. Use real photos of real people. Stock photos are easily identified and serve no purpose. Natural shots of people working are much more effective. If these photos – with brief bios – are too unwieldy for the About Us page, provide a link to a biographies page.
  • DON'T use jargon and clichés. Simple, plain language always wins the day. Be selective about including industry awards and business honors and certifications. If the accolade means something only within your particular business or industry, a prospective client won't understand its significance.
  • DON'T overwhelm readers with too much text. Have someone outside your business give you an honest assessment of your draft copy – its length, relevance, and readability.
  • DON'T let your "About Us" page get stale. Make someone responsible for keeping it current. If you add new expertise or product lines, open recent locations or change contact information, make changes to the About Us page immediately.

Since this is where you win over or turn off prospective clients, make sure your About Us page showcases the strengths and character of your company.

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