Company Name Change

Company Name Change can involve many updates to your account

  • Text change
  • Company URL change
  • SSL re-order
  • Website hosting change
    • text change
    • logos
    • reCaptcha
    • contact forms
    • link sharing
    • social media links
    • test contact forms
  • Email addresses change
  • Configuration of new DNS
  • Image and logo change
  • Mail Sprinkler
    • change username
    • change WordPress plugin Read More links
    • recreate graphic
    • test template
    • change mail settings
    • update reply and forwarding addresses
  • ICFiles custom look change.
  • Dynamic Content links
    • update URL for WordPress Plugin
  • SEO can be negatively affected by changing names.
    • update indexing with search engines
    • creation of 301 redirects
    • upload id to web files
  • Billing contact changes

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