Email Signature - Add "Send Me A File" Link

First, open your email client and find your email signature field. There are many email clients, and they all have the Signatures in a different locations, so you will need to find this for your email client.

We are using Outlook in this example. You can find Signatures in Outlook under File/Options/Mail/Signatures.

First, find your "Login URL" and "Signup URL."
  • The log-in URL to 
  • Go to Administration/My Company Profile
  • Copy your Login/Logout URL

Now let's find your Signup URL.
  • Go to your login box, usually on your website's home page. 
  • Click the signup link. 
  • If you don't have a login box on your website, your account might have the signup feature turned off. Contact support in this case.

Once on this page, copy the URL. 

Now, you have the "Login URL" and "Signup URL." You are ready to create hyperlinks in your email signature.
  • You can find Signatures in Outlook under File/Options/Mail/Signatures 
  • Create new or edit signature
  • Add wording like "Upload Files To Me," "Secure File Exchange," or "Client Portal Signup."
  • Click the add hyperlink button
  • Add one of your links. 
  • Click ok