Email Signature - Add "Send Me A File" Link

First, open your email client and find your email signature field. There are many email clients, and they all have the Signatures in a different please, so you will need to find this for your email client.

We are using Outlook in this example. You can find Signatures in Outlook under File/Options/Mail/Signatures.

First, let's find your Login URL and your Signup URL.
  • Login to 
  • Go to Administration/My Company Profile
  • Copy your Login/Logout URL

Now let's find your Signup URL.
  • Go to your login box, usually on the home page of your website. 
  • Click the signup link. 

Once on this page, copy the URL. 

Now that you have the Login and Signup URLs. You are ready to create hyperlinks in your email signature.
  • You can find Signatures in Outlook under File/Options/Mail/Signatures 
  • Create new or edit signature
  • Add wording like Upload Files To Me, or Secure File Exchange, or Client Portal Signup
  • Click the add hyperlink button
  • Add one of your links. 
  • Click ok