Dynamic Post Plugin


  1. Upload the entire ‘dynamic-post’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress control panel plugins tab directly.
  2. Activate the plugin by agreeing to the terms of service. The free API key that comes with the plugin will post 7 to 9 articles to your blog on the night of the 2nd of every month. If you want the Full API key goes here Service2client.com API key.
  3. The Full API key will give you images and archive all articles posted to your blog.
  4. Settings
  5. Auto Post on or off, you can not post any articles from the 1st to the night of the 2nd of every month. 
    1. Show or hide Metadata, if you are doing your own SEO you can turn this off.
    2. Canonical Links can be dynamicontent.net or yourdomain.com
    3. Show hide images are something you might need to play around with all WordPress Themes handle images differently. So we try to give as many options as we can to ensure that your theme and widgets can use the images. Turn these settings on and off until images are displaying correctly on your site.
    4. Custom CSS, if you don't already have a plugin controlling custom CSS you can add any customization you like here.

6.Article Setting
  1. Turn on the topics you want the plugin to auto-post for you. Your selections will be saved. 
  2. Short Code, you can place these anywhere on the site that you want to see the articles on. This will work on any page of your site, not just the blog.