Username Change

How to change your usernames

This is how to change a Username when the User wants a new username or if the email address is the username and the email address has changed.


  • After logging in to ICFiles, go to the Users/Administrators dropdown menu and go to "All Users" for Super Administrators or "My Users" for Administrators.
  • Search and find the User. You can search by Contact Name, Username, or Email address. 
  • Click the Green folder and write down the Folders this User has access to so you can give the correct access to the new User.
  • Check the box next to this User and click the "Delete Checked Users" at the top of the page.
  • After deletion, if the same email address is used for the old User and the new User, then create your new User. If you get an error message, "Email address already exists", wait a few minutes for the database to update and try again.