iPhone IMAP & POP Setup

Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can set up an email account in the Mail app on your iOS device in two ways — automatically or manually. Learn which option is best for you.

How to set up your email account automatically.

If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, Mail can automatically set up your email account with your email address and password. Here's how:
  1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account, then select your email provider.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. If you see Next, tap Next and wait for Mail to verify your account.
  5. If you see Save, tap Save.

How to set up your email account manually.

If you need to set up your email account manually, make sure you know your email settings. If you don’t know them, you can look them up

Then follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account, tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, password, and account description.
  4. Tap Next. Mail will try to find the email settings and finish your account setup. If Mail finds your email settings, tap Done to complete your account setup.
  5. If you get the certificate warning "names do not match," open settings and change the Host Name to mail.s2csecuremail.com

Enter account settings manually, with detailed instructions. 

You must manually enter your email settings if the iPhone can't find your email settings. 

Tap Next, then follow these steps:
  1. Choose IMAP or POP for your new account. 
  2. The iPhone allows you to set up a POP3 account, but we do not recommend this as it can lead to lost or misplaced emails. 
  3. Enter the information for Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server. Then tap Next. 
  4. The "Host Name" for IMAP and POP, incoming and outgoing, is mail.s2csecuremail.com
  5. The incoming and Outgoing hostname is mail.s2csecuremail.com
  6. SMTP ports can be 25, 578 or 465
  7. IMAP Port can be 143 or 993
  8. If your email settings are correct, tap Save to finish. If the email settings are incorrect, you'll be asked to edit them. 
If you still can't set up your email account or save your email settings, contact helpdesk.service2client.com and open an Email Support ticket.