How to upload your email list and New Account Information

To set up your password, please go to and enter the username. Once you submit, you will receive a password set-up link.
MailSprinker Login Page: 


Before Sending 

  • If you are uploading a current client list, you can skip this stepSend an email to your client list from your personal or business email and remove all bounced emails from your client list before uploading to Or run your list through an email verification service before uploading. ( Gmail allows 500 recipients maximum ) 
    • Uploading a purchased email list with bad email addresses can get your account suspended. 
  • In the email you send to your clients, you should ask your clients to whitelist your newsletter sender email address. Your newsletter sender email address is your MailSprinler Username plus - or 
  • If you would like to have consistent delivery to Gmail and Yahoo mail. You need to follow these guidelines. 
  • Gmail and Yahoo have new guidelines, starting in February 2024, that include maintaining a spam complaint rate under 0.3% (no more than three spam reports for every 1,000 messages). When you hit this limit, Gmail will put your Newsletter in the Promotions Folder unless your client has whitelisted your newsletter address  

Adding Subscribers:

  • Use the dropdown menu under "Subscribers" and choose "Add Subscriber."
  • Download the blank spreadsheet from inside Mail Sprinkler from the "Subscriber Mass Upload" page.
  • Fill out the spreadsheet and upload it from the "Subscriber Mass Upload" page.

 Getting Started

  • First, you will need to upload your client list. You can do this by following the instructions on the "Upload Spreadsheet" page under “Subscribers.”
  • Download the Excel Template and fill in the rows with your contact list.
  • Required fields are Email and First Name or Last Name or both.
  • If you want the automated monthly email newsletter (CENL) to start sending at the beginning of next month, select "Turn On" at the top of the Excel template.
  • If you are using Mail Sprinkler to market only, you might want to "Turn Off." The monthly newsletter.
  • If you selected "Turn On," then fill in column F, "Monthly Email Newsletter List," with "Yes" for any contacts for whom you want to get your automated monthly newsletter.
  • To organize your contacts, you can use the Categories and Groups columns to organize your database further, but this is optional

Adding "Yes" to this field will add this contact to the Monthly Newsletter send list.

Good to Know Information:

  • The automated newsletter is sent out on the 4th of the month, except when the 4th falls on or near a weekend or holiday.
  • The newsletter topics are Tax News, Business News, and a random article topic.
  • You can manage the CENL list inside Mail Sprinkler after uploading.
  • You can manage Categories and Groups inside Mail Sprinkler.

Category, Groups, and Birthdays: (optional, not needed to start sending)

  • You can organize your database into Groups manually online or beforehand in your Excel Template.
  • Add a Date of Birth if you would like your client to get a generic Happy Birthday email.

After uploading the above example, your category and groups will look like this.

Custom Email Newsletter Template:

  • One custom Email Newsletter template comes with your account. Please email a high-resolution copy of your company logo (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .psd, etc.) to
  • Order additional custom templates. Click Here
  • Order Custom Articles. Click Here