Create Client Folder & Create User Login

New Admin / SAdmin - First Steps 

1a. After going to and logging in with your Administrator Login, you will arrive at the HOME page. You can see the FILE SYSTEM on the left (this is where your client folders will appear once you have created them). As a new Administrator, you must first ADD a CLIENT FOLDER to the ICFiles System.

1b. below

2a. Arriving at the "Add New Client Folder" screen, you will notice the box to create a new folder.

2b. below

3a.  Upon creation, your new folder will have no users assigned to have access. You can create a new user here or select one from a list of existing users (that you have access to once you have made them)

3b. below

4a.  Creating a "User" is the last step you will need to take before you can start sharing documents with the security that ICFiles offers. Read the username/password guidelines and notification settings, and remember to notify your new users of their updated credentials.

4b. below

Congrats! You have created a New "Client Folder" and a "User" to begin transferring files!

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.