Passwords - Failed Login - Help!

Error Free Login Instructions:

1.   Your username and password can be carefully typed by hand, but if a letter is in question, for example, a lower case "L" and a capital "i" use option 2.


Or if you are having trouble, 

2.   It can be copy and pasted from the Welcome Email.

  • The best option for the copy function is to double click on the word you want to copy. In this case the username and password. A double click should select only the word and not "empty space".

    You can test the double click on this Pass1word

    ** Double Click does not work on some mobile devices and some browsers will select an "empty space" for no reason.

  • If double click does not work, then try the copy function by selecting from left to right. We have found it is more accurate, depending on your browser than, selecting from right to left.

    You can test the selecting from left to right on this Pas$word1


3.   Below is an incorrect copy and paste. The extra "empty space" at the end of the Password will cause a Failed Login Attempt. The "empty space" can contain fragments of code that can cause a failed login attempt.

Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.