Password Reset - Service2Client -

Users and Administrators can reset their passwords.

1. You can reset your password if you have your ICFiles username. If you don't have your username, you can get it by contacting your Admin. You can contact your Admin under the Help menu if logged in or email them directly.

2. Go to your login box and look for the "Forgot your Password? Click Here" hyperlink. This will start the reset password process. Resetting your password is a 2 step process. Follow the instruction in the email. 

3. You can also email your Admin, and they can start the reset password process for you.

4. If your email address has changed, the reset password process will not work. You will need to contact your Admin and ask them to update your email address manually before starting the reset password process. 

5. Be patient during the reset password process. If you trigger a second reset before receiving the second email, the first process will cancel, and you will have to start over.

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Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.